Introducing EDB's Guaranteed Postgres Migration Program

Delivering a no-risk way for enterprises to leave Oracle for Postgres and save up to 80% in costs
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How Public Sector Orgs Can Achieve Postgres Extreme High Availability

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What are your database priorities?

  • Fully Managed Postgres

    EDB BigAnimal

    Focus on your business, not your database, with fully managed Postgres in the cloud. 

    • Avoid cloud provider lock-in
    • Built-in Oracle compatibility and comprehensive migration tools
    • 99.99% high availability
    • Create an open-source Postgres cluster in minutes
    • Extensive security protects, isolates, encrypts and controls your data
  • Self-Managed Postgres

    EDB Postgres for Kubernetes

    Streamline Deployment in the Cloud and Scale on a Dime.

    • Deploy anywhere with lightweight, immutable Postgres containers
    • Automate with failover, switchover, backup, recovery, and rolling updates
    • Operator and images are portable to any cloud so you can avoid lock-in
    • Overcome containerization and Kubernetes challenges with our experts


  • Enterprise-Grade Postgres

    EDB Postgres Advanced Server

    Oracle compatibility means you can leave your legacy database without starting over.

    • Migrate database and client applications faster with fewer rewrite problems
    • Improve the end-user experience by tuning and boosting performance
    • Deploy on premises, in the cloud, or both
  • Extreme High Availability

    EDB Postgres Distributed

    In a world where downtime means revenue loss, High Availability is key for business continuity.

    • Get geographically distributed database clusters
    • Ensure optimal performance at all times
    • Benefit from major advancements in monitoring
    • Eliminate any single point of failure


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  • Expert Services & Training

    Professional Services and Support

    Increase your Postgres productivity, decrease your database risk, build skills and make your business successful.


What Customers Say

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"Postgres was the only database that could meet all our needs."

Elie Soukayem, Chief Technology Officer

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"Migrating to Postgres [with EDB] saved our customers from out-of-control licensing fees."

Chris Fryatt, Director of Product Management

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“Working with EDB, we now have consistent performance globally and are able to grow our business in multiple regions”

Alex Yurkowski, Chief Technology Officer

Why Thousands of Customers Worldwide Trust EDB

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Mission-Critical Performance for Enterprise-Grade Applications

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Seamless Database Management On Premises, in the Cloud, or Hybrid

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Freedom and Security to Innovate and Scale with Postgres

Resources and Support at Your Fingertips

Start fast and keep going strong with the information and tools you need to get the most out of Postgres.

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