Vibhor Kumar

Vice President, Performance Engineering and Architecture Team, EDB

Vibhor Kumar is Vice President, Performance Engineering and Architecture at EDB, with 12+ years of leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions for customers. He has many years of experience helping large enterprises (including Fortune 500) adopt, and scale their Open Source strategy through Postgres by migrating from proprietary databases or developing new applications in on-prem, microservices, or the cloud.

In his current role, he leads a team of highly skilled engineers across the world, ensuring that clients' Postgres database systems are optimized for maximum performance and scalability. In addition to EDB, I have worked at IBM, BMC Software, and CMC Ltd in India. I blog and am frequently invited to speak at conferences and events to share my thoughts and expertise on topics related to DevOps, cloud, database architecture, and optimization.

Vibhor has a Master's degree in Computer Application and is certified in MongoDB, DB2, Oracle, and PostgreSQL/Postgres Advanced Server. He is a student of strength-based leadership, and believe strongly that developing trust is the foundation to creating opportunity for building long-term growth.