Introducing: EDB's New Training Portal

October 29, 2020


EDB is excited to announce the launch of our new training platform. In migrating our training materials to this new platform, our primary goal was to create a delightful training environment, including:

  • Smoothing out the signup process
  • Minimizing steps to view training content
  • Making the interface more intuitive and visually appealing
  • Showing meaningful content categories

We’re still featuring our comprehensive library of courses covering PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres Advanced Server, EDB Tools, enterprise architecture, and performance tuning.

Here’s a before and after of our training catalog:









As you can see, it’s cleaner and much less text-heavy, but you can read more details about any offering by clicking on it.

Content categories help you see high-level topics you can learn about. Courses are divided into the following categories:

  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server and tools
  • Open source PostgreSQL
  • Developer and architect content
  • Free courses

We’ve also provided categories by version, so if you’re looking only for content based on version 12 of Postgres (for example), you can quickly find it.

For now, the changes are mostly visual and simplify the steps to get to training—check out our new page here. Stay tuned for more announcements about new content and offerings. Version 13 training is on its way!


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