New PostgreSQL Training Now Available: Learn About Version 13 Courses

February 17, 2021

Exciting news: EDB now has training available for version 13 of PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, the most recent version of Postgres! 

Courses and certifications are offered in two varieties: open source and EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Open source courses focus on capabilities in native PostgreSQL, while classes for EDB Postgres Advanced Server expand to cover additional functionality such as Oracle compatibility features.

The following courses prepare students to install and manage Postgres databases at scale.

On Demand Courses

On demand courses provide basic and advanced instruction on Postgres. If some of your team members are well-versed in Postgres but others are just getting started, this is a great choice. Beginners can focus on learning Postgres foundations, while more advanced students can pick and choose the topics they’re most interested in or looking to implement, like setting up redundancy and failover mechanisms. On demand courses also help prevent meeting fatigue, an all-important consideration in today’s working environment.

Want access to all of our on-demand content? Subscriptions can be purchased for the whole year—good for 12 months from the date of purchase.

  • Foundations of PostgreSQL v13


Instructor Led (Live) Courses

Live training is a great way to train your whole team on Postgres so that everyone has a common understanding of how to set up and maintain postgres databases. Our instructors take your target environment into consideration, to help your team understand how Postgres will work in the context of your systems.

​​​​​Foundations and Advanced courses provide well-rounded content aimed at team members who manage Postgres databases, while the Developer and Architects course focuses on how to set up, read, and write to Postgres databases from the context of the application and full stack.



Getting certified as a Postgres Associate or Professional proves mastery of core and advanced Postgres concepts, respectively, and is a great way to validate that you’ve absorbed and retained content.

  • Open Source
    • PostgreSQL 13 Associate Certification
    • PostgreSQL 13 Professional Certification
  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server
    • EDB 13 Associate Certification
    • EDB 13 Professional Certification


Want to learn more? You can check out our training course agendas here!

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