Oracle License Plus Fees vs. EDB Postgres Subscription

November 16, 2016

Contributed by Pierre Fricke

Complex licenses, rising maintenance costs, and continuing audit risks have prompted many Oracle customers to seek alternative database management systems (DBMSs). The opex-based pricing model with comprehensive subscriptions offered by EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) has helped organizations lower costs significantly when making the move from Oracle to the EDB Postgres™ Platform.

Organizations are increasingly choosing EDB Postgres as a standard relational DBMS for new and existing applications, reducing database spend by as much as 80%. Savings can then be reinvested in new digital business initiatives like web, mobile, cloud, analytics, and Internet of Things applications that fuel fuel greater competitiveness. Using EDB Postgres in lieu of Oracle for new applications and migrating from Oracle are particularly attractive for organizations because EDB Postgres is compatible with Oracle.  This compatibility enables organizations with Oracle skills to get to a delivered solution built on EDB Postgres more quickly than other DBMS alternatives. A recent Gartner report cited this compatibility at 95% with Oracle, as well as reducing or eliminating conversion costs.

Understanding the differences in how EDB and Oracle do business is critical to measuring the costs of migrating or deploying EDB for new applications if what you’re most familiar with is Oracle. The new eBook from EDB, A Business Practices Comparison of EDB Postgres™ and Oracle®, provides:

  • A comparison of general and specific business practices by Oracle and EDB with an emphasis on the many differences between the two companies. 

  • An emphasis on the many different ways that the EDB Postgres platform can save you money compared to Oracle. 

  • Details on the companies’ business models, licensing practices, and cost structures. 

Changing or acquiring a new database vendor is no trivial task. This eBook is designed to demonstrate the distinct business advantages of doing less business with Oracle and more with open source-based EDB. To download the eBook, A Business Practices Comparison of EDB Postgres™ and Oracle®, click here.   

Pierre Fricke is Vice President, Product Marketing, at EnterpriseDB. 

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