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July 24, 2018

Tech ImageThis blog will continue the discussion of parallel query in PostgreSQL. In the previous blog of this series, we learned about parallel index scans, its design in PostgreSQL and the performance improvement achieved for a few queries on the industrial benchmark of TPC-H. Therein we analyzed the performance improvement only for a small factor of 20 (database size was approximately 20GB). But the performance benefits realized by parallel operators aren’t that significant until we leverage them for higher scale factors. Hence, in this blog, we will analyze the performance of parallel index scans on 300 scale factor. Read the rest on PostgresRocks>>


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Rafia Sabih is a software developer on the database server team at EnterpriseDB and works on features and capabilities for open source PostgreSQL and the EDB Postgres Advanced Server database. She graduated from the Utter Pradesh Technical University and holds a Master's Degree from the India...