Powerful Tools to Run Postgres at Scale

May 22, 2019

Migrating from Oracle to Postgres isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. It requires a comprehensive set of tools that tightly integrate with your existing Oracle estate, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2 estate to ensure a responsible and successful deployment. For critical enterprise features like high availability and disaster recovery, the right management tools also make it easy to support, monitor, and tune databases without having to rely on Postgres’ traditional command line interface.

Postgres Enterprise Manager

One of the most powerful tools to help run Postgres at scale is the Postgres Enterprise Manager®️ (PEM), which manages and monitors the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server or PostgreSQL instances running on any type of managed server. No matter the server configuration, Postgres Enterprise Manager is built to monitor and collect data. In the event that something in your database extends beyond your typical parameters, custom alerts and probes can automatically notify DBAs to draw their attention to potential issues.

Cloud Deployment and Bare Metal Tools

To support the overall Postgres platform, Postgres Enterprise Manager has further capabilities to support cloud deployments and bare metal configurations. EDB Postgres Ark, EDB’s cloud deployment platform, can monitor and manage clusters of Postgres servers at any scale. EDB Postgres Failover Manager, a tool for managing failover, can also be deployed to bare metal or cloud-based clusters in the event of a master going down.

Scalable Server Configuration Tools

Beyond monitoring at scale, Postgres Enterprise Manager makes it possible to configure large numbers of Postgres servers. Using straightforward, user-friendly tuning wizards, Postgres Enterprise Manager can quickly select multiple servers at once, run operations, and apply changes immediately or during a scheduled maintenance window.

Diagnostic Performance Tools

Postgres Enterprise Manager also includes a number of diagnostic tools to identify potential performance improvements. Through the SQL Profiler, queries can be logged and visualized, and when using EDB Postgres Advanced Server, queries can be analyzed in order to offer possible indexing suggestions to boost performance.

Wait State Tools

EDB Wait States, a new feature of EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11, offers in-depth performance diagnostics that sample and log queries that are being executed in the system and the potential waits each query is waiting on. With EDB Wait States, DBAs can quickly see why a particular query isn’t running and diagnose potential performance issues through a user-friendly interface. Designed with specific enterprise capabilities in mind, EDB Postgres Advanced Server has been engineered to meet the needs of commercial DBAs, including resource managers and multiple layers of Oracle compatibility.

The Heart of the Postgres Command Center

The comprehensive enterprise capabilities of Postgres Enterprise Manager are built on top of the open-source pgAdmin 4 project. Not only will users enjoy access to EDB’s enhanced enterprise solutions, they’ll also be able to take advantage of the full pgAdmin functionality, including schema browsing, table creation, SQL editing and execution, and procedural language debugging.

Enterprise organizations managing database servers en masse greatly benefit from tools like the Postgres Enterprise Manager and the EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Thanks to highly configurable options for remote monitoring, maintenance, alerts, and Oracle compatibility, the enterprise-ready solutions specifically designed by EDB can ensure that any number of Postgres databases can be managed with speed and agility.


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