Release Radar: BigAnimal Now Supports Two-Node High Availability Clusters

July 07, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now provision high availability clusters in BigAnimal with either one or two replicas.

Since BigAnimal launched last year, we’ve been working around the clock to provide you with flexibility around how you deploy and use your clusters. That’s why we allowed for you to provision clusters on multiple clouds, expanded compute choices, added support for database-level configurations and added our Extreme High Availability capability to BigAnimal

Our latest release gives you the flexibility to choose the number of standby replicas that fits your specific needs. A cluster with one replica provides you with the benefits of high availability for a lower cost; a cluster with two replicas provides you with extra protection from outages. A single-node cluster with no replicas will still be available to you for less critical workloads. 

Stay tuned for even more HA options to be released later this year. To learn more, visit or test drive BigAnimal today!

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