Announcing the Beta Launch of Extreme High Availability on EDB BigAnimal, Powered by EDB Postgres Distributed

June 29, 2022

We are excited to announce the beta launch of Extreme High Availability in EDB BigAnimal

When we launched our private preview last summer, we shared some of the reasons why we set out to build and launch a fully managed cloud service. We’ve been hard at work expanding on the key capabilities that we think elevate Postgres in the cloud—namely, offering deep Postgres expertise, Oracle compatibility and, most recently, Extreme High Availability. 

The launch of this beta is our first major step to offering Extreme High Availability within a single region. We will be introducing additional capabilities for availability within the coming months.


What is Extreme High Availability?

Extreme High Availability clusters are powered by EDB Postgres Distributed, a logical replication tool that delivers more advanced cluster management compared to a physical replication based system. One leader node and three shadow nodes are deployed in two different availability zones within a single cloud region, with a “witness” node in a third availability zone. 


What are the benefits for you?

This architecture allows for higher performance and faster failover recovery compared to standard High Availability with physical streaming replication. Streaming replication can be somewhat limiting; thus, EDB Postgres Distributed, a logical replication based solution, opens the door for us to tackle more advanced high availability topologies.

This beta launch lays the foundation for us to offer the following capabilities with EDB Postgres Distributed in the future on BigAnimal: multi-master replication and data distribution with advanced conflict management, multi-region workloads, data-loss protection, high availability up to five 9s and throughput up to 5X faster than native logical replication.


Learn more at, and reach out to our sales team to enable BigAnimal for your account!


Try EDB BigAnimal today!

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