Release Radar: EDB PG 15 Elevates Postgres as the Database Standard for Enterprises

January 15, 2023

With EDB PG 15, EDB supports PostgreSQL 15.1 across a wide range of deployment options including on-premises, in the cloud, self-managed or fully managed with EDB BigAnimal. The release also adds PostgreSQL 15.1 support EDB Postgres for Kubernetes, which leverages CloudNativePG for speed, efficiency and protection for infrastructure modernization.

EDB PG 15 lays the foundation for EDB’s next major release in Q1 2023, which will include Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), a highly requested security feature that encrypts all Postgres user data on disk. 


EDB PG 15 Highlights

PostgreSQL 15.1

The latest release of PostgreSQL includes the MERGE SQL command, enhanced backup and recovery options, advanced logical replication capabilities, and performance improvements around memory management for existing operations. EDB now supports PostgreSQL 15.1 on-premise, in BigAnimal, and in K8s.

As we mentioned, this release includes more new EDB extensions than in any release before. These extensions are now available for use with PostgreSQL (v12-15), EDB Postgres Advanced Server (v12-14) and EDB Postgres Extended Server (v12-14).

EDB Postgres Tuner 1.0.0 

edb_pg_tuner is a PostgreSQL extension that provides tuning recommendations. The suggested recommendations can be applied automatically if you prefer. This increases performance for users by automating 15+ years of EDB Postgres tuning expertise (edb_pg_tuner). It also provides a self tuning tool or recommendation engine based on actual workload, reducing the amount of Postgres tuning expertise required to successfully manage a product Postgres database.

Auto Clustering Storage Optimization 1.0.0 

Auto Clustering Storage Optimization keeps track of the last inserted row for any value in a side-table. This allows new rows to be added to the same data blocks as previous rows, thus keeping the data clustered, which reduces access time to clustered data (autocluster). 

Reference Data Storage Optimization 1.0.0 

Reference Data Storage Optimization is a PostgreSQL Table Access Method (TAM) optimized for mostly-static data, with occasional INSERTs, very few DELETEs and UPDATEs. This provides 5-10% performance gains and increased scalability for database schemas that utilize Foreign Keys to reference data.

EDB LDAP Sync 1.0.0 

EDB LDAP Sync is a scheduler that lives in the database and allows DBAs to call the external ldap2pg tool to synchronize Postgres users/groups with LDAP users/groups. This simplifies LDAP support for enterprises by eliminating the need to manage users in two places: Database and LDAP. There is now no requirement to use an external scheduler like cron for synchronization of Postgres users/groups with LDAP users/groups.

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes and CloudNativePG  

EDB’s Kubernetes offerings now allow PostgreSQL 15.1 to be deployed with high availability and optional connection pooling. EDB Postgres for Kubernetes leverages CloudNativePG for speed, efficiency and protection for infrastructure modernization.

EDB BigAnimal 

BigAnimal is EDB’s fully managed Database as a Service offering and allows single node and high availability clusters with PostgreSQL 15.1 in our fully managed cloud service.

Migration Solutions

We’ve added support for migrations to and from PostgreSQL v15 databases. New versions of Migration Toolkit (v 55.4.0) and EDB Replication Server (v 7.4.0) are now available and support the latest versions of PostgreSQL.


What’s Next?

In Q1 of 2023, we will release EDB Postgres Advanced Server 15 (EPAS 15). The most significant advancements in this release are around security. Transparent Data Encryption is the headliner and will make EPAS 15 the most secure Postgres available anywhere. EPAS 15 will also include more Oracle compatibility and will include new Oracle functions and procedures not currently available. Be sure to follow our blog as we will highlight all of the advanced security features in EPAS.

For a deeper dive on PostgreSQL 15, watch our on-demand webinar, “What’s New in PostgreSQL 15,” originally hosted on December 7.


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