The Winning Combination to Faster Cloud Database Innovation: 3 Critical Moves

November 21, 2023

AWS re:Invent 2023, one of the largest cloud events of the year hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is right around the corner. With over 60,000 attendees expected to attend, it’s clear that interest in cloud computing has never been greater. Gartner confirms this, with research showing that more than half of IT spending in key market segments like application and infrastructure software, business process services, and system infrastructure, will shift from traditional solutions to the cloud by 2025.

Businesses see the numerous benefits of running open-source Postgres in the cloud—like improved agility, scalability, ease of use, and cost savings. They plan to modernize their tech stacks and applications in the cloud to drive innovation. So, the biggest question for many businesses isn’t if they should move their databases to the cloud, but how.

Concerns about the time and expense involved in migrating and performance and security can keep businesses from transitioning to Postgres in the cloud. If these concerns are holding you back, here are 3 critical steps for streamlining your migration to the cloud and optimizing your environment:

  1. Seamlessly liberate your data from Oracle: Spend less time re-coding applications and rapidly move workloads from Oracle to Postgres with little-to-no change needed with EDB solutions that interpret, translate, and natively mimic Oracle drivers, Oracle code, and Oracle queries.
  2. Boost high availability, security and performance in the cloud: EDB’s enriched database solution checks all the boxes for security, availability, and performance—essential elements for any modern database management system. You can ease your disaster recovery processes by taking advantage of multi-region, always-on architectures to ensure your disaster recovery (DR) solution is always operational.
  3. Deploy quickly on AWS: To help organizations run top-tier Postgres databases in the cloud, EDB is working with AWS. Together, AWS and EDB can help you support your data management and cloud infrastructure goals so you can modernize your applications, innovate at scale and focus on your business.

EDB and AWS. Better together.

By combining the power of AWS with EDB's Postgres solutions and expertise, you can benefit from:

  • Scalability and Adaptability: EDB and AWS empower enterprises with the ability to scale their database infrastructure in harmony with data growth and shifting workload demands. So you can ensure business continuity and agility like never before.
  • High Availability Across Regions: Geo-distributed workloads now stand stronger with inherent high availability. Extreme high availability options take this further, virtually erasing downtime for your mission-critical applications and during upgrades.
  • Ultimate Database Performance: Optimize your database's efficiency and elevate your database performance on AWS with advanced Postgres features such as parallel processing and workload management.
  • Rapid-Response Postgres Support: EDB's dedicated support engineers at your service 24/7 worldwide, so you can get timely assistance for your troubleshooting, break/fix, installation, configuration, and optimization needs.

 Learn more about EDB Postgres on AWS Cloud

Unlock cloud scalability and run Postgres your way

From self-managed to fully managed Postgres, EDB’s database solutions can help you deploy as needed and harness the power of Postgres on AWS. With our BigAnimal solution, you can enjoy the convenience of fully managed Postgres in the cloud, complete with Oracle compatibility, fortified security and more. We also offer Postgres Advanced Server, which enhances Postgres with the essential features that businesses demand for heightened security, superior performance, and unbeatable availability. These solutions are available in AWS Marketplace and on AWS GovCloud for our public sector customers.

Meet us at AWS re:Invent!

The EDB team will be at AWS re:Invent 2023 from November 27-December 1 in Las Vegas. So if you’re going, stop by Booth #1682 and find out how to unlock the power of EDB Postgres on AWS with flexible deployment options that can meet your company’s most demanding needs. Don’t forget to grab some swag while you’re there! 
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