The GlobalConnect Partner Program brings together a world-class, global ecosystem of Postgres technology, system integrators, consulting, ISV/IHV and distributor/reseller partners. Each partner in the GlobalConnect network brings unique expertise and added value to customers leveraging EDB Postgres solutions.

Partner Level
  • S-Core is a management consulting services business, a software R & D service business, and a digital convergence business. S-Core’s management consulting capability accumulated through Samsung Practice, and they have proven software capabilities.
  • GRUTECH was established in 2010. Their Solution Electronic Conference System (Parthenon Electronic Conference) develops products to sell solutions and provide technical support, including open source infrastructure and application solutions, including virtual mobile environments.
  • Prianto is a leading global distributor focused on enterprise software, with products and services distributed 100% through channel resellers including VARs, system houses, integrators, professional retailers, and service providers.
  • AZWELLPLUS provides the most appropriate solution and service thru perfect technology consulting and system integration. AZWELLPLUS offers support 24/7 for the operation of the customer IT infra-environment as a whole by dedicated engineers with extensive skills and experiences.
  • In the world of rapidly-changing IT infrastructure, DAONECNS focuses on providing best-of-breed consulting services to customers who want to migrate their legacy DB into open source to achieve efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Kangaroot designs, implements, maintains & supports IT infrastructure based on open source software. With their consulting, organisations lower their IT capital costs and operational expenses. Their certified engineers help reduce over-provisioning, consolidating servers, and increasing business agility and continuity.
  • Keen & Able Computers Pvt Ltd was established in 1996. Since the beginning, Keen & Able has believed that open source can be a success only with the right level of skilling. They make it a point to have trainers who are consultants and consultants who are trainers to bring in best practices.
  • Spoon Consulting offers a unique combination of large back office ERP-enabled technologies and front office cloud-enabled technologies. Their highly-qualified bilingual team operates worldwide with Salesforce, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sage, Business Intelligence, and Microsoft Cloud.
  • Proventa AG is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and was founded in 1992. Proventa specializes in data management and system integration. Together with EDB and other technology partners, Proventa has developed its ‘Database Transformation Services’ that enables easy migration to new database architecture.
  • Profinit provides application outsourcing and information management, with a focus on custom software development, data warehousing, and business intelligence to customers across Europe and in the USA in the areas of finance, telecommunications, and government.
  • Taashee Linux Services, based in India, provides expert high-end technology solutions for mid-to large-scale businesses. Taashee is among the few IT companies in India, which promotes enterprise-ready OSS for its customers' data centres and provides high-end training.
  • The GOPAS IT training center is the largest authorized information technology training provider in the Czech and Slovak markets. GOPAS is one of the major IT training providers in Europe – nearly 30,000 students annually attend its technical courses.
  • Whether about the design and implementation of computer networks, or a solution based on Linux operating systems, Nimium has created a community of highly-satisfied customers. Nimium is also a Red Hat Premier Business Partner in Croatia and offers years of experience implementing demanding projects.
  • WWT (World Wide Technology) brings an innovative and proven approach to how organizations evaluate, architect, and implement technology. WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) provides access to more than $65M in cutting-edge computer and cloud, storage, database, and big data products.
  • Since 2003, HighVail approaches innovation as an ongoing sustainable and strategic commitment that drives industry leadership through exceptional customer experiences. Enhanced organizational agility and accelerated time to value are two results that provide measurable returns on your investments.
  • Axoft is a leading distributor of a wide range of software, with offices in more than 30 cities in Russia, CIS countries, Turkey and Mongolia. Axoft’s partner network consists of more than 6,000 companies, including SI, ISV, VAR, OEM, IT, e-Marketplaces, and e-Media.
  • CMS Distribution is an award-winning, value-added distributor of data storage, networking, and IT infrastructure products and services. CMS Distribution provides support to resellers, retailers, and consultants from multi-nationals to smaller local IT companies.
  • Hopla Software is the EDB exclusive distributor for Italy, Spain, Portugal; they also work in LATAM. Hopla provides official EDB support, services, and training for PostgreSQL in Spanish and Italian during PostgreSQL's adoption process, minimizing the expenditure and risks associated with this change.
  • ITG
    Established in 2003, ITG is a trusted business solutions provider across the ASEAN region. ITG provides cost-effective IT solutions to countless organizations in various industries. Above it all, their goal is to put you first by delivering valuable customer service.
  • Omniwaresoft Technology Inc. holds the position of "Open Source and Data Integration Enterprise Solutions Provider." They provide enterprise-level open source integration services with the distribution of a variety of solutions, such as infrastructure and virtualization platforms, application platforms, data analytics, ETL, and BI.
  • Established in 2007, Profelis is an innovative company providing cost-effective solutions for the public and private sector organizations. During the digital transformation of enterprises, Profelis provides consulting and training services on the integration of free and open source software, operating systems and database migration with an experienced team.
  • Established in 2003 and headquartered in Singapore with operating offices in Malaysia, iZeno is a premier solution provider of best-of-breed open source business applications in the Asia Pacific Region. Their experienced team delivers seamless solutions, including implementation, customization, integration, data migration, training, and support.
  • ABYRES is a leading enterprise open source solution provider that brings extensive experience, valuable innovation, and value to clients in the areas of big data analytics, cloud computing, and software engineering enhanced by modernization, R&D, training, and consulting services.
  • Jirotech is a leading systems integration and software development company with core expertise in information management, the PostgreSQL database, geospatial systems, open source software, standards development, web-based systems, IT infrastructure, enterprise support, and training.
  • SRA OSS, Inc. is a leading provider of PostgreSQL-related services in Japan. By adopting SRA OSS services, a large number of companies have succeeded in business with IT systems using open source software – especially PostgreSQL.