Replacing Oracle with Postgres: How To Successfully Migrate Your Legacy Databases

This white paper focuses on the most popular source and target for database migrations: moving from Oracle to
Postgres. Oracle is the #1 legacy database, and its extremely onerous license policies are driving the majority of
migration demand.

Postgres is the logical target for the migrations. With a constant stream of innovations reflected in annual
releases, Postgres has achieved three major database of the year awards from, recognition
as the #1 database in StackOverflow’s annual developer survey, and the position of #1 database on the Cloud
Native Computing Foundation’s tech radar. Not only is it clear that Postgres is winning the hearts and minds of
innovation drivers, but its small footprint makes it an ideal solution in containers too (see Datadog survey).

The principles and approaches described in this paper are applicable to other source/target combinations as
well. You’ll find:

  • A quick review of the business drivers and migration approaches;
  • A dive into the migration journey and its challenges;
  • The best tools to get off Oracle quickly;
  • How to start taking advantage of Postgres’ innovation, agility, and cost effectiveness.