Be the Master of All You Survey with Postgres Enterprise Manager 5.0

March 02, 2015

Contributed by Gary Carter

With the most recent release of Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.4, EnterpriseDB (EDB) has also upgraded our database enterprise management console, Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM). The new PEM 5.0 delivers all the enterprise-class tools necessary for DBAs and Developers to easily administer, monitor and tune large Postgres deployments from a single graphical console.

PEM 5.0 emphasizes features that expand the database administrator’s ability to customize activities, helping them manage their teams and delve deeper into database performance aspects. Large enterprises need greater insight into their database performance as they expand their use of Postgres and deploy Postgres to support more complex applications. Database administrators (DBAs) need to make sure alerts are effectively distributed to individuals with specialized responsibilities.  

PEM 5.0 enhancements include improved customizable metric gathering, richer alerting, better log analysis (i.e. longest running or most frequently run queries), and easier configuration. Database administrators can now control who gets what alerts from the database based on the severity of the issue or the time of day or week. This is valuable for companies with large teams of individuals who have segmented database responsibilities.

New and existing users alike will be delighted with PEMs auto-discovery feature that quickly finds and configures available database servers. PEM even supports monitoring of remote databases where it’s not possible to install a local monitoring agent. Once installed, PEM 5.0 now allows DBAs to add to the more than 225 ready-to-run monitoring probes by creating their own custom metrics, giving them better insight into the particular nuances and priorities of their deployments.

A new Log Analysis tool brings more information to the DBA by generating reports on statistics like locks, queries, checkpoints, commits and rollbacks that are collected by the Log Manager. This provides greater visibility into the activity occurring in the database over a customized period of time.

PEM is available with EDB xDB Replication Server (single or multi-master), Failover Manager, Backup and Recovery Tool and other enterprise tools in EDB’s database subscription products. Postgres Plus Enterprise Edition bundles the tools with Postgres Plus Advanced Server, which extends PostgreSQL with enterprise-class performance, security and manageability enhancements. The tools are also available in Postgres Plus Standard Edition for use with PostgreSQL.

There is no single tool that is a direct competitor to PEM in the PostgreSQL ecosystem. It is unique in that it brings together many management, monitoring and tuning tools, allowing a single person to easily manage large numbers of Postgres databases under one umbrella console.

If your organization is one of the thousands around the world today saving costs by strategically expanding Postgres into your existing infrastructure, intelligently keeping track of a large number of databases can be a challenge. If the next time you survey your Postgres landscape and become just a little nervous about keeping your arms around all of them at the same time, then get your hands on Postgres Enterprise Manager and become the master of your Postgres environment.  

EDB is staging a webinar for Postgres users to tour the Postgres Enterprise Manager on Wednesday, March 4, 2015. Join us at either 8am or 1pm EST to explore the benefits of the most unique Postgres tool on the market and how it can help any organization monitor, manage and tune a Postgres database.

For downloads and more information visit the Postgres Enterprise Manager home page or contact us with any questions.

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