EDB Arrives at PGConf.EU 2019

October 15, 2019

PostgreSQL Europe kicks off its 11th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe (PGConf.EU 2019) this week in Milan, Italy, and the EDB team will be attending in force! A number of our EDB colleagues will be speaking at the conference, including Lætitia Avrot, Andres Freund, Sebastiaan Alexander MannemBruce MomjianMarc Linster, Robert Haas, Ed Boyajian and Dave Page

Lætitia Avrot will be kicking off EDB’s presence at the conference with a session on Wednesday morning entitled “Meet NULL the UNKNOWN”.  Later in the day, Andres Freund will explore the problems, solutions and workarounds for PostgreSQL's IO subsystem, outlining the current work that’s being done to improve some of its issues. 

Heading into Thursday, Marc Lister will discuss why legacy migrations are picking up steam and provide data showing what types of constructs are migrated most often, within his talk, “An Expert Guide to Migrating Legacy Databases to Postgres in the Cloud”. The presentation will conclude with a live migration demo featuring a number of the tools and technologies available to help users move legacy databases to the cloud with ease including EDB Postgres Migration Portal and the PL/SQL capabilities of EDB Postgres Advanced Server . 

For the final day, Robert Haas asks What's in a Plan?, exploring the PostgreSQL EXPLAIN command, a powerful tool, allowing users to inspect and understand query plans in detail. He’ll discuss the differences between the plan as displayed by EXPLAIN and what is actually stored in the server's internal data structures. Wrapping up for EDB, Dave Page and Magnus Hagander will provide a “lighthearted” review of events from the week. 

If last year’s PGConf.EU is anything to go by, 2019’s iteration is set to be a blast! We’ll be taking notes throughout the days and will share a blog after the event, so stay tuned. Ciao for now!



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