IBM Cloud Fast Start 2020 Events Recap

February 21, 2020


It’s been an eventful and exciting winter events season for us here at EDB! Since we announced our extended partnership with IBM to sell the EDB Postgres™️ platform, we’ve gone full speed ahead on working with IBM to offer their enterprise-ready version of the PostgreSQL database management system.

First stop: IBM Cloud Fast Start 2020! This is the single largest IBM Cloud sales event of the year, with thousands of sellers gathering with partners, experts and thought leaders for four full days of education and networking opportunities.

Fast Start Vienna

With a shared vision of Postgres as the ideal data store for advanced analytics and other critical enterprise applications, EDB met with the IBM team at Fast Start Vienna to discuss what it takes to provide customers the most complete open source database management system, and how this partnership validates that mission. 

With enterprise Postgres, the IBM platform is set to meet the needs of organizations that are employing the popular Postgres database, promoting Cloud Pak for Data adoption as clients demand OSSDB repositories as part of their data architectures. EDB Postgres gives IBM customers the scalability, security, and availability necessary for demanding enterprise database deployments. Together with EnterpriseDB, the IBM Platform provides a rich data environment and set of extended capabilities that support deployment in both high availability production and cost-effective non-production environments.

Here are some shots of our sponsor booth space and the on-site team! 


Fast Start Las Vegas

The second Fast Start event in Las Vegas just wrapped, and it was another great sponsorship experience. During the event, we shared with attendees how Postgres is the ideal choice for supporting their clients’ critical applications—including advanced analytics. We also demonstrated how EDB can help customers manage their Postgres deployments efficiently and at scale, whether on-premise or in the cloud. 

Here are some snapshots of the EDB team, IBM partners, and a glimpse of our session highlighting the partnership’s, and Postgres’, promising future.

Cheers to a successful Fast Start 2020, and thanks for having us, IBM! Keep up with EDB’s upcoming events here.

For a free trial of the EDB Postgres Cloud Database Service, please visit our trial page

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