KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 Showcases the Power of Kubernetes and the Evolving Potential of Postgres

May 26, 2022

EDB was proud to participate in KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022! As the flagship gathering of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), this conference highlights technologists and innovators leading the open source and cloud native movements.  

As we look to the potential of cloud native Postgres databases, Kubernetes provides a powerful foundation upon which that potential can grow. Nothing made this clearer than the enthusiasm and innovation we witnessed at this event.


As you can see, the EDB booth was rocking, with a great turnout and high-energy interactions with the team. The passion for innovation was clear among attendees of both the virtual and in-person events.

For those who could not attend, we wanted to share some of our favorite moments and insights from the conference!


DoKC (Data on Kubernetes Community) Day

DoKC Day at KubeCon EU 2022 was a success, ​​with wide coverage, music and key announcements for the K8 community. 

If you’re new to DoKC, Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) is an openly governed group of curious and experienced practitioners—taking inspiration from the CNCF and Apache Software Foundation, and aiming to assist in the development of techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data.

This group and its philosophies align with the Postgres community and EDB’s dedication to large-scale innovation through open source; that’s why sponsoring CNPG was so important to us.

Some of the stellar speakers reigned from players like Anynines, Datastax, Ondat and TimeScale. From EDB, our Postgres DBA and Cloud Native Lead, Gabriele Bartolini spoke on “Why Run Postgres in Kubernetes,” which covered how Kubernetes expands the potential of your Postgres database, giving you a DBMS experience that emcompasses the strengths of cloud native. 

This session also served as a helpful companion to EDB’s other major presentation at the conference.


Sharing the potential of CloudNativePG

EDB was excited for the opportunity to introduce attendees of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe to CloudNativePG with another session from Gabriele Bartolini.

Presented both virtually and in-person, this talk, entitled “Run Postgres the Kubernetes Way,” expanded on the lessons of “Why Run Postgres in Kubernetes” via key insights into the challenges and benefits of this strategy and exactly how to minimize the former and optimize the latter. This deep dive culminated in an exploration of why CloudNativePG is the ideal solution for those enterprises looking to take advantage of the optimal pairing of Postgres and Kubernetes, highlighting the solution’s:

  • Flexibility and Freedom: providing organizations with total control of their data, where it lives and how they use it;
  • Open Source Foundation: ensuring that businesses can seize on the full expertise and innovation of both the Postgres and Kubernetes open source communities;
  • CNCF Endorsement: investing in the trust of the leading cloud native computing organization to guarantee the best for all users.

The chance to work alongside technologists and innovators like CNCF and the DoK Community—a founding sponsor of CloudNativePG—is something that EDB values greatly. We’re proud to be the first Postgres company to be a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and even more honored to be the first company to create an open source Postgres operator for cloud native and to be able to do so with the backing of those who have laid the groundwork for so much evolution in this space.


OptimaData anchors Royal Van Oord with Kubernetes and cloud native Postgres

Even more exciting than getting to share news about EDB, however, is the hearing stories from others who have seen the full power of Postgres.

So, we sat down, virtually, with Martijn Wallet, Co-Owner and CTO of OptimaData—a full-service, multi-platform data(base) service provider and our Dutch EDB Partner. Wallet shared with us how OptimaData had been able to help their client Royal Van Oord migrate multiple critical applications. Royal Van Oord is a Dutch maritime contracting company specializing in dredging, land reclamation and the construction of man-made islands, renowned worldwide. Because of the size and complexity of their database infrastructure, as well as the fact that their applications live both onshore and on their vessels, they created an extremely agile and flexible database solution to ensure success.

They ultimately chose to move their database to a Kubernetes cluster using EDB’s Cloud Native PostgreSQL operator. In Wallet’s words: “When selecting an operator it is important to look further than the current application. With the available options at this moment, we strongly felt that, for the long term, EDB’s Cloud Native PostgreSQL operator would be the most complete and futureproof fit for Royal Van Oord’s project.”


Demos and excitement at the EDB booth

Meanwhile, at our booth, EDB had a fantastic time connecting with everyone else in attendance. Not only did we offer a wheel for visitors to win swag, but we got to share some exciting insights into the new Cloud Native PostgreSQL Operator.

Over the three days we spent with our friends at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, we conducted five demos on the installation, configuration and deployment of the Cloud Native PostgreSQL Operator. In these, we covered:

  • Installing the Cloud Native PostgreSQL Operator
  • Deploying a three-node PostgreSQL cluster
  • Installing and using the kubectl-cnp plugin
  • Testing failover to verify the resilience of the cluster

We were thrilled by the enthusiasm of all those who stopped by—a marker of the passion and innovative spirit of the conference and community.


Thank you, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe!

The potential of cloud native Postgres and Kubernetes are immense, limited only by the imaginations of the businesses, communities and users who leverage and evolve them. At this year’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, it felt like there were no limits at all.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to, once again, speak with and hear from so many dedicated open source innovators and learn about the challenges and the ambitions of those who rely on and build out these remarkable open source projects.

We’re already excited for next year.

Want to learn more about CloudNativePG? Check out our product page, blog or documentation resources.

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