Postgres Vision 2022 Session Spotlight: The Postgres Tipping Point

July 05, 2022

Every organization wants to be part of something big, to be at the forefront of innovation. But in order to achieve this, you need a database that will support your ambition, evolution and market aspirations.

That’s why so many businesses choose Postgres database.

From June 14-15, EDB had the pleasure of hosting our annual Postgres Vision event, gathering the leading minds behind one of the most empowering open source databases in history and the most transformative open source technology since Linux.

For those who could not attend the conference (as well as those who want to revisit their favorite sessions), we are recapping some of the favorite presentations and roundtables, starting with EDB CEO Ed Boyajian’s opening keynote!


Postgres: Decades constant innovation

When Postgres was first developed at UC Berkeley no one must have thought it would reach the heights it has today—not only on par with proprietary legacy databases such as Oracle, but dislodging them among those organizations invested in infrastructure modernization and dynamic application evolution. 

But how did we get here? And what’s the next step?

Surveying the history of Postgres—and its similarities to other major innovators—Ed Boyajian tracks the growth of this database project from its humble beginnings to the current moment, where it’s the most loved, most wanted and most used among developers. But the insights extend far past the current moment, too.

As a database known for its rapid innovation and constant growth, the future is always on the mind of those who manage and use Postgres—including EDB. As such, Boyajian’s presentation includes valuable insights into where Postgres is going and how EDB will continue to grow alongside it.


Just take a look at this slide from the keynote demonstrating both what Postgres has accomplished and its exciting trajectory for the next few years. Since 2021, EDB’s investment in Postgres has helped us provide: 

These developments—along with the hundreds from other Postgres experts—have allowed businesses of all sizes to realize the full potential of their Postgres databases. 

Postgres is an innovative database driven by innovators

So, what does the future of Postgres hold? Because the PostgreSQL community is as active as it is, and because the user-base for Postgres continues to find new ways to build upon the project’s accomplishments, evolution and innovation are near constant when it comes to Postgres. EDB itself is a regular contributor to PostgreSQL and continues to work closely with leading community members to ensure the ongoing improvement and advancement of the Postgres project.

A key innovative use case that EDB looks forward to is data warehousing, which—as Ed Boyajian explains—is not only an unexpected application for Postgres, but also an opportunity to get ahead of legacy database providers. The potential of this implementation is not only immensely exciting for those who have seen just how flexible and diverse Postgres’ uses can be, but a signal to those looking to rid themselves of the restrictions of proprietary database solutions in favor of one that meets them where they are and carries them towards their future.


Postgres endures

When the three-member staff of Rocket Chemical Company set out to make a line of rust-prevention solutions in 1953, they couldn’t have possibly seen what their product would become. Yet, after 40 tries and nearly 70 years, WD-40 is a household name. 

Postgres has followed the same track—designed by a small but dedicated and forward-thinking team, and rapidly becoming a gold standard in its market. The outperformers and the transformation strategists have taken notice, and they recognize Postgres as the database of the future just like EDB.

To paraphrase Ed Boyajian, we truly are a tipping point—and the possibilities for those looking to seize the moment and take control of their data is immense. With the help of Postgres on an enterprise scale, you can transform your company now and set the stage for constant evolution later.

What are we waiting for?


If you enjoyed Ed Boyajian’s keynote presentation, check out the dozens of other sessions from Postgres Vision 2022 here!

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