An open-source extension to Postgres that spatially enables your database server.

PostGIS, a component of the EDB Postgres Platform, is an open-source extension for the PostgreSQL object relational database that adds support for geographic objects, allowing location queries to be run in SQL. Providing spatial objects and functions, it enables storage and query of location and mapping information.

Once connected through EDB Postgres, PostGIS assumes the native features of the database deployment, and can take advantage of the power of the underlying database system—scalability, ACID compliance, rules, triggers, partial indexes, materialised views, partitioning, multiple table spaces, multi-layer security, etc.

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PostGIS’s capabilities include:

Icon data in

Importing of data

From a desktop GIS to a new or existing table

Icon boundry

Boundary and buffer

Easily create common spatial definitions

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Returning data

For a given radius with a single function call

Data Types

PostGIS has four main spatial data types:


    Geometry for flat-earth, uses a Cartesian grid


    Geography for round-earth, especially useful for organizations that collect data from all over the globe


    Raster type, where each cell can contain values that provide additional context to your vector data


    Topology types, for modeling the real-world rules of your vector features

Graphic of spatial data types