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:EDB Postgres Migration

Save cost, achieve flexibility, and break free from vendor lock-in by migrating your data and database schema from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and other sources to PostgreSQL.

Migration Portal

Migration Portal gives you detail on what will be needed to migrate your Oracle database to PostgreSQL, and then starts the migration by producing DDLs that are compatible with EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

  • Also supported by EDB

    Migration Toolkit

    A feature-rich command-line tool to migrate tables and data from your DBMS to PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB Migration Tool Comparison


Migration Toolkit

Migration Portal

Subscription RequiredYesNo
Schema AssessmentNoYes
Schema MigrationYesYes
Data MigrationOnline and OfflineNo
Object Type ScopeStorage and CodeStorage and Code
Object Definition ValidationYesYes
Source DatabaseOracle, SQL Server (limited), Sybase (limited), MySQL (limited)Oracle
Source InputRemote connectionUploaded file
Target DatabaseEPAS, PostgreSQL (limited)EPAS
Target OutputRemote connection or direct to fileRemote connection or direct to file
VolumeMultiple schemasMultiple schemas
DDL outputYes, with DDL or data onlyYes
DDL WorkaroundsLimited error handling and workaroundsRepair handlers to “fix” DDL or errors with knowledge base for manual fixes
Tool InterfaceCLIGUI