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Aquent, the leading international marketing services company, has pioneered staffing, marketing and outsourcing solutions that enable clients to build their internal marketing and communications capabilities. Providing unmatched resources and expertise through its network of 50+ branches worldwide, Aquent today helps thousands of companies make the most of their people, processes, and technology.

The lifeblood of Aquent's business is its resource management system that receives and parses resumés, captures hours, generates invoices, and much more. Originally a client/server application, it grew to have a Web based front-end for the majority of the functionality providing access to the application from Aquent's locations around the world.

The Challenge: Access to Data from Worldwide Locations

Aquent had established three independent data centers in the United States, Europe, and Asia in order to have the application users close to their data and provide the best performance and response times. The costs of maintaining three data centers was a significant portion of its IT spend however, and Aquent needed to find ways to reduce it. Additionally, local offices often needed to access information or resources from other regions and Aquent needed a solution that would make all its data available to local offices with appropriate performance and response regardless of location.

The Solution: Replication with EnterpriseDB and Move to the Cloud

To address access to all its data, Aquent considered two options: Locating the data in a single location and leveraging network and content acceleration; or using database replication technologies to keep the three databases in sync. After careful research and evaluation of the options against its requirements, Aquent decided to go with database replication. Based on looking at the various databases that offered replication, they chose to replace their existing Sybase database with EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server given its replication feature set, open-source heritage, company focus, and exceptional value.

Choosing EnterpriseDB alone did not sufficiently reduce the costs of running its own data centers though. Already an adopter of Cloud and SaaS based products for e-mail and phone, Aquent was ready to consider using the Cloud for running its resource management system and ultimately decided to run each instance of its system on Amazon Web Services in their United States, Ireland, and Singapore data centers. They also elected to move from IBM AIX to Linux as part of this move.

Successful Implementation

Throughout the implementation, EnterpriseDB and partner Distributed Logic were there to assist with each step. When problems were encountered, the team was there to help, making Aquent feel like a valued customer. When specific replication enhancements were required, EnterpriseDB was able to deliver them and contribute them back to the PostgreSQL community ensuring Aquent's was not a one-off custom implementation. Aquent also uses the Remote DBA service taking advantage of the expertise EnterpriseDB provides.

Savings Delivered

The combined approach of using EnterpriseDB in the Cloud allowed Aquent to eliminate costs associated with buying and updating its server hardware, significantly reduce its operating system and database software costs, decrease its database administration costs, lower its colo costs by 50%, and give its users access to all their resource information in one application. All told, Aquent will reduce its IT spend on this application by over $200K annually.