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EDB Certified Small reseller Partner

Proxy Services B.V.

Proxy Services B.V. is a unique provider of professional services in the field of Open Source-based solutions. We have been doing this for decades and we have built up a lot of experience as a result. The working methods we have are suited to the unique situation of our customers.

For companies that would like to be in control themselves, we provide Professional Services: Well-trained engineers based on an hourly rate, where Proxy takes care of all employment legal matters.

For customers who need a service including all management activities with performance guarantees, we provide Managed Services: A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is for keeping infrastructure and applications available focused on customer satisfaction.

Proxy has experience in numerous market sectors, such as government, financial institutions, healthcare, logistics and retail. Each sector has its own approach and working methods and Proxy believes it is important not only to understand the customer's technology, but also its mission and strategy.

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