Discover A Clear Path To Cost Savings with a
Migration Assessment for your Oracle® database

Are you tired of being locked in Oracle's database prison? Take the first step toward freedom from high prices, poor support and strong-armed sales tactics with EDB's Oracle Database Migration Assessment program. Let our migration experts evaluate your Oracle database and help you understand your migration alternatives. It's fast. It's easy. It's smart. 

Please note: This service is provided only on General Availability versions of Postgres.


Migration Craftsmanship

Utilizing years of Oracle database migration experience and 9th generation compatibility software, an EDB Migration Assessment will give you a clear picture of the cost savings and effort involved in moving your Oracle based data and application to a EDB Postgres Advanced Server installation.



An Oracle experienced engineer will consult with your DBA and developer staff to understand your database architecture and configuration, and then perform a series of system diagnostics to inventory your Oracle database and application usage.



The diagnostics output will then be analyzed and summarized across five key database compatibility categories into a comprehensive report that also includes a migration complexity index rating. Within each category migration issues will be detailed with accompanying narrative specifying migration best practices within the EnterpriseDB migration methodology. The report will also clearly indicate:

  • Which Oracle objects will migrate without modification
  • Which objects will utilize a compatible implementation
  • Unsupported Oracle features and potential substitution features



The complete set of deliverables for this consulting and technology driven assessment include:

  • Installation profile interview
  • System diagnostic inventory
  • Migration Assessment analysis and summary report
  • Cost and time estimates to complete a migration
  • Migration Assessment report discussion

In addition, as Oracle database migration experts, EDB can provide your team with training programs, mentorship, and migration best practices. We also offer you hands-on consulting expertise to get migrations done quickly, properly and cost-effectively. Whether you need our award-winning EDB Postgres Advanced Server software or other forms of assistance, we stand ready to help you.

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