Choose Your Own Adventure: Test Drive BigAnimal in AWS

April 06, 2022

Customers never hold back from telling us what they need from their Postgres database to support their business. One key topic that comes up often is the idea of freedom. We hear that you want the freedom to make decisions that are best for your business and best for your applications, unencumbered by your cloud service provider or database vendor. Many times, the questions about BigAnimal are really questions about whether EDB can provide you, the customer, the agility, flexibility and freedom you need for your enterprise applications. 

You also tell us what you don’t want. You don’t want to be locked into one cloud environment and their flavor of Postgres. Inconsistencies in user experience and opaque pricing models are frustrating. You won’t even think about moving ‘legacy’ applications to the cloud because of their unique database requirements that your cloud vendor can’t support. 


With BigAnimal on AWS and Azure, you can choose what’s best for your business.

As a fully managed Postgres database, BigAnimal gives you choices in areas that actually matter to your enterprise, while reducing distractions with a consistent Postgres experience and a familiar expert support team.

You are free to use BigAnimal as you need to, including configuring the database specifically for your application requirements, deploying in the cloud environment that is best for your application, and controlling how your data and database are secured and deployed in your cloud account. 

By partnering with EDB’s trusted Postgres experts, you don't have to worry about running the database yourself. You are freed from worrying about or tying up resources to handle routine maintenance, availability, updates, patches, and bug fixes. With more Postgres contributors and committers than any other organization, EDB can be highly responsive and make the fixes and improvements you need—to the open source product or to EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS). This is a faster and more direct path to improvements than cloud providers who you depend on are able to offer.

Fully managed means BigAnimal lets you focus on your business, not wrangling the database.


Now, with this latest release, you can choose your own adventure, and test drive BigAnimal on AWS or Azure—your choice. With a single user interface for wherever you want to deploy BigAnimal clusters, you can connect your Azure applications to BigAnimal one day, your AWS application to BigAnimal the next day, and see how easy and straightforward it can be to experience a fully managed, multi-cloud Postgres database service.

BigAnimal lets you deploy your Postgres cluster from a single user interface


How can I get started?

Taking BigAnimal for a test drive is super easy. All you need to do is create or log into your EDB account, get into the free trial, and start exploring. You don’t need a cloud account or credit card information. You’ll be able to spin up a cluster in AWS or Azure, connect your database, run some queries, and even try deleting and restoring a cluster. 

Sign up and start exploring BigAnimal in less than a minute.

Feel free to watch a walkthrough of the free trial.


What’s next?

The free trial is a test drive that gives you the experience of what fully managed Postgres can offer. It’s not meant for performance testing or evaluation against any serious workloads. 

We think you’ll love your test drive enough that you’ll be asking for more BigAnimal! For those of you who want to take the next step and have a project to try out in your AWS account, we have good news for you.

Coming May 2022, you will be able to officially deploy BigAnimal in AWS for evaluation against and use with all your important enterprise cloud projects. Reach out today to be first in line. Stop worrying about juggling multiple and conflicting versions of Postgres in different clouds, different pricing schemes and structures, and different support teams. With BigAnimal, you’ll gain the freedom to go where your business needs to go with one Postgres, one trusted partner, for all your enterprise Postgres needs.

In the meantime, test drive BigAnimal in AWS today!

Want to learn even more about our BigAnimal trial? Read our Quick Start Guide here!

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