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EDB Portfolio Features New Plans, Tools, and Flexible Support Options

Kelly Poole3/31/2021
Product updates

It has been 6 months since our acquisition of 2ndQuadrant. As soon as the dust settled, our top priorities at EDB were to integrate both the teams and technologies. The acquisition felt like a perfect match, but there was one major challenge: too many quality products and tools “on the truck.” The process of combining our software and services wasn’t easy, as both portfolios were full of strong options. This is, of course, a good problem to have!

We weren’t looking for winners and losers here. Our goal was to create a portfolio that is not only best-of-breed, but allows for flexible options to fit the support and deployment needs of any enterprise-scale PostgreSQL deployment.


EDB’s Portfolio Updates

We’re excited to announce the new combined portfolio of products and plans under the EDB umbrella!  Let’s have a look at the highlights regarding Technology, Subscription Plans, and Support. 


Expanded Subscription Plans

In addition to our Community, Standard, and Enterprise Subscription Plans, we’ve added Enterprise+ to meet the needs of large scale enterprises and their customers’ demands for always-on applications. The Enterprise+ plan gives you access to our full suite of products and tools, exclusive access to BDR Enterprise, and additional discounts on our professional services and support packages.


New Premium Support Offering

There were two drivers behind reworking our support plans. The first was simply the tactical work to get EDB and 2ndQuadrant customers unified in their support of Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Our support tiers were very similar, but needed some additional alignment. 

EDB’s three support plans are now Premium, Production, and Basic, giving you the flexibility to choose the level of support you need for your workloads: 

  • Premium Support is new  and designed to meet the needs of enterprises with the most stringent requirements for mission-critical deployments. This means industry-leading response and remedy goals starting July 1st from our dedicated, global team of 24x7 PostgreSQL professionals.  It will also include SLA guarantees for selected products beginning July 1st.
  • Production Support aligns with EDB’s previous built-in 24/7 support and support goals for response and remedy.
  • Basic Support is an economical option for testing and development environments when 24/7 coverage and production-level response times are not essential


New Technology

We recently released Cloud Native PostgreSQL, which includes database container images and a Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced.  The EDB operator performs all of the database lifecycle tasks previously handled by an operational DBA. It’s currently available at and coming soon to Docker Hub. To learn more about the “why” behind our design decisions, check out this blog post from Gabriele Bartolini, our Cloud Native tech lead. 

BDR is a powerful and comprehensive solution that provides logical, bi-directional, multi-master replication of PostgreSQL clusters. It allows you to implement a resilient, always-on architecture for very high availability (five 9’s) and/or geographically distributed workloads. BDR is available now in both Standard and Enterprise Editions from EDB. 

For PostgreSQL backup and recovery, we’ve added two open source solutions—Barman and pgBackRest—to our portfolio as officially supported tooling. Backup and Recovery Tool (BART), our own proprietary offering, will continue to be supported but no longer receive new feature updates. 



And we’re not done yet. Our goal is to help you do more and go faster with PostgreSQL, no matter what your use case. That means providing the right software, services, and support options as your workloads increase in size and complexity. Keep an eye out for additional product, feature, and compatibility updates throughout 2021. Power to Postgres!

Kelly Poole is Vice President of Product Management at EDB and is responsible for leading EDB’s product strategy and vision. She is committed to EDB having the “right” products and tools needed by enterprise customers to build highly available and scalable PostreSQL applications, both on premises an ...