Postgres For Developers Without the Hassle of Managing Databases

November 23, 2023

Database technology represents just one tool you need as a developer to create a software application. But you shouldn’t be expected to become a database expert to deliver that application. That’s not always possible since databases, even open source solutions like Postgres, require time and expertise to configure, deploy, manage and adjust for more complex situations involving high availability or geo-distributed considerations.

Your challenge is accelerating agility and innovation while meeting bigger priorities, not drowning in database management, configuration and integration tasks or working with a database solution that is not Oracle-compatible. 

At the same time, when selecting a database for a software project, you must balance wide-ranging considerations related to development, including performance, scalability, high availability, compliance and security. 

Postgres solves the database problem for developers

Developers responding to Stack Overflow Labs’ 2023 Developer survey chose PostgreSQL as their favorite database. As open source software, Postgres can often deliver cost savings, as well as increased flexibility from PostgreSQL community support. 

Postgres can also offer increased licensing flexibility while still maintaining compatibility with traditional enterprise databases, and it delivers a complete feature-rich solution that can handle enterprise requirements like scalability and high availability. 

It’s tempting to further ease database deployment by turning to your organizational CSP to also provide their own version of Postgres running on their cloud infrastructure. But cloud providers’ Postgres solutions can vary in terms of Oracle compatibility,  distributed availability, automation, support and security. 

Focus on application development without having to manage databases

EDB’s fully managed cloud Postgres solution, BigAnimal, enables you to do just that. BigAnimal is the only distributed, Oracle-compatible Postgres database available on any cloud. With EDB Postgres Advanced Server on BigAnimal, you realize unmatched Oracle compatibility for ease of migration and interoperability. 

BigAnimal allows you to deploy Postgres on your choice of cloud infrastructure or directly on the BigAnimal cloud. You can also choose the type of availability that’s right for your application—from pre-production environments to mission-critical, high-availability deployments, BigAnimal can handle it. 

Running EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal in a geo-distributed architecture simplifies online maintenance, provides 99.995% high availability and offers resilience to both zonal and regional failures, all of which help customer applications be more highly available. 

EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal allows you to create applications that can be deployed across regions or the world.

What do you get out of BigAnimal to help with development?

BigAnimal is developed and supported by EDB, one of the most significant contributors to PostgreSQL. Consider some of the developer-friendly benefits that BigAnimal provides to you: 

  • Granular control. Superuser privileges for granular control over database internals
  • Efficient scripting. CLI to efficiently script and automate the BigAnimal operations
  • Practical, standardized integration. REST APIs for straightforward, standardized communication and integration with the database. In addition, the BigAnimal Terraform Provider  makes infrastructure deployment easier.
  • Faster development. Learn and code more quickly with EDB’s free Postgres training courses 
  • Ultimate flexibility. Develop once, deploy on any cloud, with a consistent Postgres experience no matter which cloud you choose

Gain the benefits of developing in PostgreSQL on the cloud with fewer headaches

You have many options regarding databases, but if you’re developing in Postgres on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, BigAnimal is your best choice.

You can start today for free on BigAnimal and experience all the Oracle-compatible features of fully managed Postgres, including geo-distributed, active/active configurations, multi-write capabilities, high availability, backups and recovery, monitoring and more.

Create your BigAnimal account within sections, get $300 in credits, connect an application and deploy on any cloud.

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