Explaining the PostgreSQL Query Optimizer with Bruce Momjian—Beyond Joins and Indexes: Webinar Recap

April 13, 2023

What exactly is the PostgreSQL query optimizer capable of? Are you experiencing its full potential, or just scratching the surface? 

We recently released Part 1 of our two-part webinar series, explaining the PostgreSQL query optimizer. Now, we’re excited to share our recap of Part 2, which you can watch in its entirety on-demand.

Hosted by EDB Vice President and Postgres Evangelist Bruce Momjian, Beyond Joins and Indexes, builds upon the basic framework presented in Part 1, covering over 40 commands and capabilities that the PostgreSQL query optimizer—the brain of your PostgreSQL—can execute. 

While the first webinar in this series covered the basics of the query optimizer, this latest entry dives even deeper to explore all the most creative ways your teams can harness it, from Merge Append to Parallel Hash

Are you looking to more effectively sort your data tables? Are you looking to synchronize sets of assets to better organize your PostgreSQL? All of this is achievable thanks to the PostgreSQL query optimizer and, as Momjian explains, can be accomplished by anyone who has the right commands at their fingertips. In fact, mastery of the query optimizer is the best way to take advantage of the database that your enterprise has invested in. It’s like being able to read PostgreSQL’s mind.

If you’re looking to expand the potential of your PostgreSQL, achieve greater control over your data or simply enhance your teams’ understanding of what’s possible with this transformative database, this follow-up discussion is a must-watch!

Watch the on-demand webinar here and check out Part 1 of the series here.

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