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Databases go down. EDB PostgreSQL Backup & Recovery software ensures you have a complete and valid set of data and the ability to easily restore it, on-prem, in the cloud or a hybrid.

Postgres Database Backup and Recovery Tools


Our primary choice to back up and restore Postgres data in business-critical environments. View documentation. 


Seamlessly scale up to the largest databases and workloads by utilizing algorithms that are optimized for database-specific requirements with this easy backup and restore solution. View documentation

pg_basebackup (bundled with Postgres)

Take base backups of a running Postgres database cluster with pg_basebackup. 

Features Comparison


Barman pgBackRest pg_basebackkup (bundled with PostgreSQL)

SSH Protocol Support


PostgreSQL protocol


Incremental backups



- -

Rate Limiting


Custom WAL sizes

WAL archive compression

Backup compression

Symmetric encryption

- -

Parallel backup and restore


Partial restore (only selected databases)

- -

Centralized repository management


Retention policy

List backup -
S3 support -
Nagios integration -
PEM integration - -
No custom scripts required -

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