EDB and Imperva Join Forces to Expand Data Security Capabilities for EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL

February 15, 2023

We are excited to announce that Imperva is the newest addition to the EDB GlobalConnect Technology Partner Program. Through our partnership with Imperva we are enabling customers to use Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) to protect their EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL database instances. 

The award-winning Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) discovers, classifies, and secures all high-value data across file systems, web applications and data repositories. 

Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) is the first data-centric solution that enables security and compliance teams to quickly and easily secure sensitive data no matter where it resides with an integrated, proactive approach to visibility and predictive analytics. 

Imperva’s Data Security Fabric solution simplifies data governance, security, and workflow management for sensitive data (structured, unstructured, and semi-structured) across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. This integrated solution helps organizations demonstrate compliance with industry regulations, and maintain a strong data security posture through automated processes, audit analysis, and customizable reports. In addition, the Data Security Fabric solution accelerates incident responses, and forensic investigations with centralized management, security alerts, and advanced analytics.

The Data Security Fabric solution provides real-time protection for data repositories against internal and external threats, by alerting or blocking attacks and abnormal user and application access requests. DSF provides ‘virtual patching’ for database software vulnerabilities thereby reducing the window of exposure, and impact of long patch cycles.

The following capabilities are available as a part of the Imperva DSF solution: 

  • Data Activity Monitoring (DAM)
  • Data Discovery and Classification
  • Data Access Control
  • Data Risk Analytics (DRA)
  • Mitigation & Response
  • Threat Detection & Prevention
  • Compliance Management

Confront security threats fast. 

EDB customers can now use Imperva DSF to fully monitor and audit their EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL databases without any disruption to their operations. Imperva DSF uses a combination of data science, machine learning, and behavior analytics to monitor user activity in your EDB database and alert your security team of any suspicious behavior that exceeds the “normal” user behavior baseline. Security teams can utilize the Imperva DSF dashboard to view all of the suspicious behavior alerts that come their way and their explanations so that they can quickly analyze the situation and respond to them as soon as possible. 

Learn more: 

To learn more details, visit the EDB GlobalConnect Technology partner page for Imperva and the integration documentation. For more information on Imperva Data Security Fabric, you can visit their website.

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