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Accelerate your business. Leave Oracle behind.

BigAnimal is the only cloud Postgres with built-in compatibility with Oracle databases on AWS and Azure.

Oracle Migration

Migrate quickly from Oracle to Postgres on AWS or Azure

With EDB's fully managed Postgres service, BigAnimal, you can break free from Oracle and achieve your technical and business goals—faster.

Minimize migration risk by using EDB's Migration Portal and Migration Toolkit. No need to rewrite Oracle applications.

Migration Portal

Compatibility with Oracle

Keep your code

Compatibility with Oracle is built into BigAnimal.

There's no need to make changes to your Oracle applications because EDB's Advanced Server interprets, translates, and natively mimics Oracle drivers, Oracle code, and Oracle queries. Keep your code. Advance your business.

Deploy anywhere hassle-free

With EDB's license portability, you're in control of where you deploy your database workloads: on premises, managed, self-managed, or BigAnimal. Cost is completely transparent.

No license audits, no unexplained cost increases, no funny business.

Build apps and leave managing to us

Focus on achieving your business priorities, optimizing the database for your applications, and let us keep your database up and running. Fully managed Postgres means peace of mind. BigAnimal takes care of:

  • 24X7 monitoring
  • High availability and backups
  • Security and compliance
  • OS, database patching
  • Network configuration

For developers

Build faster

Rapidly provision the database without waiting for an admin to set up servers or install additional software

Do work

Obtain full interface control via REST API and the Command Line Interface (CLI)


Connect to Apache Superset, pgAdmin, and other popular tools

Flexibility & resiliency

Deploy anywhere and everywhere with native multi-zone availability


Continuous backups for peace of mind


Fine-grained configuration control and superuser access


Deploy community Postgres or extend the database with Advanced Server's enterprise security and performance

For enterprise admins

Security & visibility

Connect to your enterprise identity manager for single sign-on (SSO) federation.

Manage access

Easily manage permissions and role-based access control (RBAC)

Audit activity

Search, filter, and view auditable actions via the Activity Log

Test drive for free

More Control

Maintain control of your database, and your business, in the cloud. BigAnimal runs in your cloud account so you can manage and tune Postgres to meet your needs.

Spend strategically

Leverage existing spend commitments and obtain insight and control over resource and compute consumption

Isolate your data

You decide how and where you deploy your data-no one else


Contributors to Postgres 14


Postgres experts solving real world problems

Unmatched Postgres Expertise

Unlike cloud generalists, EDB specializes in moving companies from Oracle to open source Postgres. Get the most out of Postgres thanks to our deep expertise, trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.

Your database is the lifeblood of your organization. We are committed to keeping it up, tuned, and responsive.

Priced for Transparency

BigAnimal is priced based on vCPU hours. You pay EDB for the vCPUs you consume, and your public cloud for the infrastructure BigAnimal deploys for you.

$0.1655 per vCPU-hour


Versions 11, 12, 13, 14

  • Consumption of vCPUs is metered hourly
  • Roughly $120 for a typical month

$0.2397 per vCPU-hour

EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Versions 11, 12, 13, 14

  • Consumption of vCPUs is metered hourly
  • Roughly $175 for a typical month

With BigAnimal, you can take advantage of committed spend you've negotiated with your cloud vendor.

interactive demo

Demonstration of Oracle SQL compatibility in BigAnimal

Watch Demo


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Recognized by top analysts

Included in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems 2013 to 2019. Listed as a Contender in DBaaS Vendors 2019 Forrester Wave.

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