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We’re here for you with deep Postgres knowledge, 20 years of perfecting Oracle capability, self or fully managed in the cloud, best-in-class tools and support and extreme high availability

EDB adds power to PostgreSQL

Forward-thinking organizations are already powering their most demanding modern enterprise applications with PostgreSQL because it has proven to be reliable, stable, scalable and secure.

Enterprises that want to leverage Postgres to maximize business value know that EDB is the only database company on the planet that can deliver the depth and breadth of Postgres software, tools, strategy, support and innovation to help them achieve their goals.

Our leading Postgres technologists build solutions for ambitious businesses that need:

  • More performance from your database
  • High availability and security to protect your data
  • Enterprise class monitoring and management
  • Oracle compatibility with proven migration tools
  • Deployment flexibility to grow and change with your business

Why PostgreSQL?



open source

Open Source

Extensive Documentation

Community Support

Data Integrity

Good for Large Data Sets

Cost Effective Compared to Legacy

EDB Enhanced Enterprise Tools and Capabilities

Subscription Plans - Fully Managed

EDB BigAnimal Community 360 Plan

Fully managed open source Postgres in the cloud, with expert support from EDB.

EDB BigAnimal Standard Plan

Fully managed Postgres in the cloud run by EDB, with support for EDB extensions and tools.

EDB BigAnimal Enterprise Plan

Fully managed EDB Postgres Advanced Server in the cloud, with enterprise features including Oracle compatibility.

Subscription Plans - Self-Managed

EDB Community 360 Plan

Leverage the full power of Community PostgreSQL with EDB’s circle of protection

EDB Standard Plan

Increasing the power of Postgres with Enterprise Tooling

EDB Enterprise Plan

Enterprise features including compatibility with Oracle and enhanced security

EDB Provides People Power

Whether your business needs EDB enhanced Postgres or prefers Community PostgreSQL, we have real experts on standby to ensure a successful Postgres experience.

EDB Subscription Support

Get troubleshooting, break/fix, guidance and best practices through the Customer Portal.

Remote DBA

We’ll monitor and manage your database environments. 24x7.

Professional Services

Receive expert guidance whether you’re focused on migrations, modernization, solution replacement or re-platforming with cloud options.


Get training when and where you need it to help you build and enhance your skills. Developed by EDB Postgres specialists and delivered with flexibility in mind.