New EDB BigAnimal Performance and Flexibility Improvements

October 04, 2022

Enterprises that opt for a fully managed cloud database-as-a-service don’t want to invest resources in maintaining the database and its infrastructure—instead, they want their internal resources to focus on innovation and other activities to drive their business forward.

With BigAnimal, EDB’s fully managed service offers 24x7 monitoring & operations, so you don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure of the database or availability. This includes automatic backups as well. We also handle the security, compliance and network configuration. With all of these aspects you also get database patching, which is backed by world class Postgres expertise from our support team. As a result, your internal teams are free to focus on your business. Fully managed Postgres in the cloud is especially popular among developers because it frees them up to evolve applications instead of worrying about the functionality of the organization’s database.

Expanded freedom and control

EDB is constantly building upon BigAnimal’s functionalities to ensure that making the most of your database is as easy as possible. 

Over the course of the last few months, we released several new capabilities to expand the freedom and control you get with BigAnimal:


  • Customizable Backup Retention Periods: Ensuring the security of and access to your data is essential. By customizing your retention periods, you can defend against data loss, tailor these periods to whatever industry compliance regulations your business is subject to, and reduce storage costs to match your budget.
  • Support for Azure Ultra Disks: Being able to choose how and where you store your data is foundational to your ability to thrive without unnecessary restrictions. The launch of support for Azure Ultra Disks marks just the beginning of additional storage options in BigAnimal that offer significantly improved performance for your most demanding workloads.
  • Azure Availability in Central India and AWS Availability in Mumbai: Organizations are operating on a global scale and demand cloud solutions that provide them with the data they need no matter where in the world they are. With this update, BigAnimal gives you the power to select newly available locations in your cloud-of-choice.
  • Spin Up a Region Ahead of Time: With the addition of exposing regions, you gain the ability to enable specific regions for your teams and organizations. Regions give you the benefit of more granular control over where to deploy BigAnimal clusters as well as more control over your environment and cost management.
  • Support for Postgres Extensions: We’ve added new support in BigAnimal for a wide variety of open source extensions, foreign data wrappers and custom extensions designed by EDB that make things like replication and Oracle migration even easier.

Each of these enhancements was deployed to further support freedom and control over your data: where it lives and how you use it. This puts you in a better position to innovate your infrastructure and take advantage of the cloud’s flexibility, no matter which cloud provider you’re using or where in the world those clouds are hosted.

Extreme high availability and reliable performance

Of course, freedom and control are only one essential component of an enterprise-class cloud Postgres database. Your database needs to be available to support your applications and workloads.

This is why EDB has made high availability and performance key pillars of BigAnimal. You should be able to withstand outages and trust that your database has your back, that it will provide consistent business continuity and fast failover so you can avoid a loss of revenue and customer trust.

Here are just a few of the recent ways EDB BigAnimal has worked to ensure the highest availability and best database performance for organizations:


  • Support for Two-Node High Availability Clusters: Just like you deserve the choice of which cloud to use, you deserve to choose how you achieve high availability among your database clusters. This update provides the flexibility to decide the number of standby replicas that fits your specific workflow needs. A cluster with one replica provides you with the benefits of high availability for a lower cost; a cluster with two replicas provides you with extra protection from outages.
  • Extreme High Availability, Powered by EDB Postgres Distributed: Now in beta, BigAnimal offers extreme high availability in a single region, offering faster failover and improved performance. This feature is powered by EDB Postgres Distributed, our powerful logical replication tool. 
  • Expanded Support for Postgres Configuration Changes: The cloud is only one-half of the fully managed cloud Postgres power couple. By expanding the ways in which businesses can configure their Postgres clusters, BigAnimal also expands operational visibility and, as a result, database performance capabilities.

BigAnimal offers a database that will not only have your back today, but every day and at every stage of your growth.

Unlock the full potential of Postgres in the cloud

The combination of an open source Postgres database and the cloud provides incredible potential for businesses invested in innovation and concerned with building modern applications. While many cloud providers promise the full range of possibilities to their customers, all too often those customers just find themselves with an inflexible database, a restrictive licensing agreement and a migraine-inducing bill.

When we built EDB BigAnimal, our goal was not just to help enterprises experience just what Postgres and the cloud are capable of, but what their teams are capable of when in full control of their data, backed by a database that supports their ambitions. This is why EDB BigAnimal puts emphasis on giving you control of your data, offering database high availability and performance and providing you with the deep Postgres expertise you need to grow your organization.

This is what the cloud is all about: elevating your business through freedom, flexibility, and innovation—and EDB BigAnimal can help you get there. 

Ready to experience the full power of Postgres in the cloud? Test drive BigAnimal today!

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